Tuesday, January 18, 2011

1/17/11 Practice Log

We had a good practice last night in Millbury, I'd estimate between 15-20 fencers. The 60 fights in 60 days program encouraged me to fight more and chat less. I ended up getting fights with seven people in, and probably could have done two - three more.

• Aiden McShane
• Edward Grey of Lochleven
• Diego Miguel Munoz de Castilla (OWS, OGR)
• Anastasia Da Mont
• Tiago Santos
• Rhiannon the Curious (OWS, OGR)
• Mathias Grundwald

I split my fights between stick and dagger, though mostly stick in preparation for possibly having to fight other forms at K&Q Champions this weekend. It worked well for me, and I think I'm going to try fighting it some more. The main thing I need to remember is it's not a dagger, and if I end up in close, I can't hit people with it.

Running 60 in 60 count, 7 fights, 2 OWS


  1. Sure, note the OWS but not the OGR. I see how it is. ;)


  2. Well, it is equivalent, but I'll add it on as well.