Friday, January 7, 2011

Article Ideas

I've got a bunch of topics that I'm thinking about writing about at some point. There is no set schedule for what I'll be writing when, so if there is a topic that seems particularly interesting, please let me know so I can work on those first. By the end of the weekend I'll have an article on carrying gear posted.

• Learning from mistakes
• What to know when you travel
• Book reviews and website link details
• Running and attacking
• So you want to be an Elizabethian
• What would the 16th century battlefield really look like?
• How to approach a pickup fight
• Long range is not always an advantage
• How to do an inspection
• How to run an authorization
• On giving up an advantage
• Marshaling melee concerns
• Fencing awards and honors of the known world
• How to prepare for fighting at your first Pennsic
• Small unit melee tactics
• Killing cups
• Fighting in a line
• Dealing with (and being) the lone wolf
• So you are in command
• Fighting in the woods
• Mentoring MiTs
• So you want to be a marshal
• Combat archery on the rapier field (overview)
• Melee tactics with ranged weapons

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